Ascensor panoramico del Monte de San Pedro, La Coruña

Ascensor panoramico del Monte de San Pedro, La Coruña (Galicia, España).

Opened in 2007. One counterweight on each side of the cabin.
Mise en service en 2007… avec un contrepoids de chaque côté de la cabine.

Ascensor panoramico del Monte de San Pedro, La Coruña (Galicia, España)
(Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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9 thoughts on “Ascensor panoramico del Monte de San Pedro, La Coruña”

  1. Strange system, looks like a rack-railway with counterweight. Very elegant design – but it looks faster than it is running. I think it would be very interesting on a longer track with different gradients, when the plattform in the bubble (it however looks like that) is levelling horicontally.

  2. Hello Martin… thanks for your comment…. it is a real cable inclined railway and not a rack railway. There are 4 cables on each sides of the cabin, near the rails but I think there is no roller to support the cables.

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering the same thing than Martin watching the system. It seems that the power unit (Motors) are in the car and acting on a rack alonf the track and not fixed on the ground as a normal funicular. So, I also see a “rack railway balanced with counterweight”
    With the sound of the cabin running, i imagine an hydraulic (Oil) system onboard for the power.

  4. Oui vous avez raison Martin, Sébastien, les 4 câbles dont je parlais sont en fait les câbles des contrepoids attachés à la cabine.
    La cabine est automotrice avec 4 moteurs qui engrènent une crémaillère située le long des rails.

  5. Hola me ha molado esta publicación, espero haber cogidobuena nota, amo Tailandia y planeo ir
    el próximo mes me quedo chequeando otras mas, me apunto a ver
    las actualizaciones, muchas muchas gracias

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