9 thoughts on “Ascensor panoramico del Monte de San Pedro, La Coruña”

  1. Strange system, looks like a rack-railway with counterweight. Very elegant design – but it looks faster than it is running. I think it would be very interesting on a longer track with different gradients, when the plattform in the bubble (it however looks like that) is levelling horicontally.

  2. Hello Martin… thanks for your comment…. it is a real cable inclined railway and not a rack railway. There are 4 cables on each sides of the cabin, near the rails but I think there is no roller to support the cables.

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering the same thing than Martin watching the system. It seems that the power unit (Motors) are in the car and acting on a rack alonf the track and not fixed on the ground as a normal funicular. So, I also see a “rack railway balanced with counterweight”
    With the sound of the cabin running, i imagine an hydraulic (Oil) system onboard for the power.

  4. Oui vous avez raison Martin, Sébastien, les 4 câbles dont je parlais sont en fait les câbles des contrepoids attachés à la cabine.
    La cabine est automotrice avec 4 moteurs qui engrènent une crémaillère située le long des rails.

  5. Hola me ha molado esta publicación, espero haber cogidobuena nota, amo Tailandia y planeo ir
    el próximo mes me quedo chequeando otras mas, me apunto a ver
    las actualizaciones, muchas muchas gracias

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