My visit to the Hungerburgbahn (1/2)

July 2008, I was in Innsbruck for a short time… just enought to visit the Hungerburgbahn after it was rebuilt and reopened on December 2nd, 2007.

Here are some views of the old Hungerburhbahn

In the next post I will publish views of the new Hungerburgbahn

Solution of Quiz #22

Of course it is the bridge of the new Hungerburgbahn funicular over the Inn river at Innsbruck (Austria) and designed by the Irakian architect Zaha Hadid!
But I was expecting a more complete caption because there is a second funicular on this photo!!!
Bien entendu il s’agit du pont sur l’Inn du nouveau funiculaire Hungerburgbahn à Innsbruck (Autriche), pont conçu par l’architecte irakienne Zaha Hadid.
Mais j’attendais une légende plus complète parceque sur la photo il y a en fait deux funiculaires!

Look at the pink rectangle… below is a zoom of the rectangle.
Regardez le rectangle rose… ci-dessous c’est l’agrandissement du rectangle.

Here is the second funicular!
It is the Axamer Lizum funicular (Olympiabahn) which climbs to the Hoadl summit (2340 m) !
Et voici le second funiculaire!
Il s’agit du funiculaire d’Axamer Lizum (Olympiabahn)
qui grimpe au sommet du Hoadl (2340 m) !

Axamer Lizum – Hoadl (Olympiabahn)
Photo hikerLuxembourg

Hungerburgbahn – new slideshow

Hungerburgbahn – nouveau diaporama


A new Hungerburgbahn slideshow with 8 nice photos from Martin Schönherr ! Click on the photo to see the slideshow

Un nouveau diaporama de l'Hungerburgbahn avec 8 superbes photos de Martin Schönherr ! Cliquez sur la photo pour voir le diaporama