Heidelberg – Good news !

Heidelberg, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.Following the Kaprun tragedy, the upper section of the funicular of Heidelberg (Koenigstuhlbahn, in service since 1907) was closed on April 30th 2003 for security reasons. Fortunately it was decided to restore the wooden cars and to keep their old-time appearance. November 2004, the new wooden bodywork of the saved Koenigstuhlbahn. The lower section of the funicular of Heidelberg (Molkenkurbahn) is being completely rebuilt and will have two new cars. The inauguration will take place in the spring of 2005. More information: www.koenigstuhlbahn.de November 24th, 2004, the new cars, designed by Swoboda (Oberweis, Austria), are installed on the rails of the first section (photo Dagmar Welker).

One thought on “Heidelberg – Good news !”

  1. Lovely wooden car. Would be nice to take a ride in it.
    Will Father Xmas take a tour with the kids?

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