A funicular at the G8 Summit

Evian - Neuvecelle, France

The funicular


Between Les Mateirons and the top station


Plan of the line . Click on the thumbnails to enlarge


Under the old Evian-St Gingolf railway bridge





The compartment of the accompanying personnel


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Technical Datas
Start 1907 1915 21 June 2002
End 1915 1969 ...
Status Private Public
Type of funicular    
Type of tracks
Bottom station Buvette Cachat Evian Evian 375m
Top station Royal Hoetl Neuvecelle Neuvecelle 500m
Length 375m 750m 750m
Gauge 1m 1m 1m
Difference of levels 71m 125m 125m
Maximum Gradient     22%
Number of cars 2 2 2
Capacity     60 passengers
Manufacturer     Von Roll


Company Informations
The Evian funicular is operated by STAT
79, av. Saint Disdille
Z.I. Vongy
F- 74200 Thonon les Bains

STAT is also operating the funicular of
Thonon les Bains
The funicular was free in 2002 (21 June - 15 October)
In 2003 it is in use between 15 June - 20 September


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A funicular at the G8 Summit
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