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(US) The great era of (lost) American funiculars

Plan incliné des Eaux-Bonnes The United States of America was a great country of funiculars but American people do not know
The United States of America has built the most spectacular funiculars but they have practically all disappeared for a long time. Here are more than fifty lost or stopped funiculars in order to remember what was the great era of American funiculars. This list is not exhaustive and is just a selection of the most representative ones.

(Published on September 16, 2017)

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(FR) The funicular for the construction of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Paris, France)

Plan incliné des Eaux-Bonnes The funicular which was used to build the Basilica of Sacred-Heart
Every body know about Montmartre funicular in Paris but very few people know that there was a funicular at the same place well before 1900. Indeed, a funicular was built in 1875 to facilitate the construction of the basilica.

(Published on April 7, 2015)

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(FR) Le plan incliné des EAUX-BONNES (France)

Plan incliné des Eaux-Bonnes Inclined plane of EAUX-BONNES (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France)
The inclined plane of Eaux-Bonnes, also called Valentin-Hourat inclined plane, is certainly one of the most unknown inclined funicular planes in France.

(Published on August 5, 2014)

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(AU) The SCENIC WORLD at Katoomba (Australia)

Scenic WorldScenic World at Katoomba (Australia)
The Scenic World at Katoomba is a tourist attraction located in the Blue Mountains (New South Wales) Australia, about 100 kilometres west of Sydney. It has 3 main attractions: the Katoomba Scenic Railway, the Scenic Skyway and the Scenic Cableway and also the Scenic Walkway.

(Published on December 27, 2013)

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(US) Granite Railway - The first railroad in America (1826)

Granite railwayGRANITE RAILWAY & GRANITE INCLINE at Quincy, Massachusetts, USA
The story of the first railway and the first inclined railway in America (1826).
Built to transport granite stones from Quincy quarries to the Bunker Hill Monument at Boston.

(Published on September 1st, 2012)

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(SH) St. Helena - Ladder Hill Railway (1829)

Ladder Hill RailwayLADDER HILL RAILWAY at St. Helena island
It was built in 1829 while the emperor Napoleon Ist was still in his tomb not far from the funicular. St. Helena Island - Ladder Hill Railway (1829), one of the first funicular in the world!

(Published on November 16, 2010)

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(PK) Pakistan - The Khojak Rope Inclines

KhojakThe Khojak Rope Inclines (Pakistan)
In the nineteenth century, after the second Anglo-Afghan war, a series of rope inclines were built by the British in Baluchistan (now in Pakistan).
An episode completely forgotten and totally unknown which is interesting to highlight when the Afghanistan and Pakistan are in the spotlight.
Follow the link below for the complete study of the Khojak Rope Inclines...

(Published on April 25, 2010)

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(CA) Montmorency Falls Incline (Quebec)

dfb1.jpgMontmorency Falls Incline (1901-1953)
The story of an investigation from an old mysterious postcard and how I discovered the old inclined railway used to visit Montmorency Falls near Quebec in Canada.

(Published on May 4, 2009)

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(US) Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway

TamalpaisMount Tamalpais Gravity Railroad (1896 - 1930) in California on the north side of the Golden Gate was a fantastic Gravity Railroad!
A Gravity Railroad is a natural Roller Coaster... passenger carriages which was pushed to the top of the Mount Tamalpais mountain and then were dropped on the descending slope... moving with only the gravity and only a brake to control the speed!

(Published on May 1st, 2009)

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(US) Duluth inclines (Minnesota)

dfb1.jpgThe story of the inclines of Duluth, Minnesota (USA)
- Duluth 7th Avenue West Incline
- Duluth Belt Line Incline
They are both completely disapeared.

(Published on April 18th, 2009)

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