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Cette liste n'est pas exhaustive. Les professionnels sont classés par ordre alphabétique du pays. Si vous recherchez un professionnel dans votre pays il faut savoir que la plupart d'entre eux possèdent des filiales internationales dans d'autres pays.

Cliquez sur les logos ci-dessous et visitez leurs sites officiels.


ABS ABS Transportbahnen Funiculars Part of Doppelmayr Group
Doppelmayr Funiculars
Doppelmayr DCC APM
Carvatech Carriages for funiculars
(ex Swoboda)
Inclined elevators
Logo-STEURER.gif Inclined elevators
Hillsidelift Commercial and residential inclined elevators
Logo-InclinedElevation.gif Inclined elevators
GOODYOU Ropeways Funiculaires
LECS Consultancy, Maintenance
Twiflex Braking systems
Inclined elevators
CFD Funiculars
Poma Funiculars
Part of Leitner Group since 31 May 2001
SKIRAIL Funiculars
Part of Leitner Group since 31 May 2001
Carriages for funiculars
Partner to POMA and Leitner
F.labbé Inclined elevators
Logo-Hütter-Aufzüge Inclined elevators
CTCeretti Cable Railways
Leitner Since 31 May 2001, Poma Group is part of Leitner Group
Waagner-Biro (funiculars, to-and-fro/jig-backs and bi-cable circulating systems) has been taken over by the Italian LEITNER-Group as of 26 March 1999.
Maspero Inclined Lifts
New Zealand  
Access Automation Inclined elevators
HMV Voss Funiculars
Liftech Funiculars and Inclined Elevators
Liftbyggarna Funiculars
Inclined Elevators
Bartholet Funiculars
(BMF Group)
CWA Carriages for funiculars
Member of Doppelmayr Group since March 26th 2001
Gangloff Carriages for funiculars
Part of BMF Group since 2014
HEUTSCHI Inclined Lifts
Inauen Inclined Lifts
VonRoll Funiculars
Subsidiary of Doppelmayr (Austria)
Garaventa Funiculars
Merged with Doppelmayr on August 8th 2001 to form a new group with the majority shareholder owned by Doppelmayr
Frey AG Stans Software and electronic
Drive system, reducer, coupling
Paul Glassey SA Engineering
Inclined Lifts
Zurbrugg Inclined elevators
Niederberger Racheté par Inauen-Schätti AG en 2006
Hill Hiker Commercial and residential inclined elevators
Poma Otis APM
Joint venture between POMA (France) and OTIS (US)
Hilliard Braking systems
Tramway Engeneering LTD Engineering
Marine Innovations Commercial and residential inclined elevators
Logo-ACCUMAR.jpg Cable Lifts and Track Lifts
Logo-MUNSONWORKS.jpg Inclined elevators
LAKESIDETRAMS Inclined elevators


Les professionnels

(APM = Automated People Movers )