VerticAlp Emosson




Photo Michel Azéma May 1998


The Minifunic is the third railway of VerticAlp Emosson after the funicular Châtelard - Les Montuires and the Petit Train Panoramique d'Emosson.
It links the end station of the 60 cm gauge train, at the bottom of the dam, to the Emosson dam and lake.
It was built between 1989 and 1991 and it replaces the picturesque monorail cog railway which was insufficient for the large amount of tourists. The flow of the Minifunic is now 280 persons per hour for one way. The floor of the cabin is always horizontal despite the variation of the concavity of the tracks.




Technical Datas
Start 1991
End ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Top station Barrage Emosson (1815 m)
Length 260 m
Difference of levels 140 m
Maximum Gradient 73 %
Number of cars 2


Company Informations
VerticAlp Emosson)
Gare du Funiculaire
Route du Châtelard 6
CH - 1925 Le Châtelard VS



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