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Funiculars of Switzerland

Wolfenschiessen military funicular

(photo Michel Azéma 11 September 2001 !!!...)

Most probably the best hidden and the most unknown funicular of Switzerland!

Located at Wolfenschiessen, south of Dallenwil, on the left bank of the Engelberger Aa river this military funicular is only visible near the bottom station.
It is composed of two counterbalanced cars. The carriage number 2 seems to be composed of 3 removable compartments. That means that the carriage can be configured with 1, 2, 3 compartments or no compartments, only the platform.

The line is composed of convex and concave track sections. One concave section is equiped with aerial rollers.

At the bottom station, the carriage stops at the bottom of a pit to make easier the loading of the carriage. The carriage is watched by a video camera at the bottom station.

Any more information is welcome!

In May 2007, the Wolfenschiessen - Wissiflue military fort has been declassified and its funicular has been dismantled! The rails and the cabins were removed. Only the bottom station is still there.


Technical Datas

May 2007
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Length 650 m
Lower station Alt. Wolfenschiessen (511 m)
Upper station Alt. Wissiflue (1000 m) *
Diff. of levels 335 m
Maximum Gradient 100 % *
2 of 27 passengers or 2200 kg load
  ( * estimate)


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