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Certainly the most unknown and mysterious funicular of Switzerland!

I was built at the end of the XIXth century to link the bottom of the Serrieres dale to the Jura-simplon train station. The Serrieres dale was full of industrial factories and since 1826, the main factory was the Suchard chocolate factory created by Philippe Suchard.

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Suchard chocolate factory funicular




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Technical Datas
Start June 2, 1892
End August 1954
Status Etat1.gif
Type of funicular typfuni5.gif
Type of tracks typvoie1.gif
Energy elecc.gif
Bottom station Vallon de Serrières (453,8 m)
Top station Gare de Serrières (482 m)
Length 54,70 m
Difference of levels 28,20 m
Maximum gradient 60 %
Number of carriages 2
Weight of a carriage 3500 kg
Tank volume 3500 liters
Total weight 7000 kg
Payload 3 trolleys of 800 kg each = 2400 kg
Diameter of the main pulley 2,50 m
Volume of water necessary to move the carriage 600 liters
Speed 1,5 m/s
Gauge 1 m


Company Informations
Chocolats Philippe Suchard



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