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The funiculars of Kolbnitz
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  Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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Kreuzeckbahn - Description

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Kreuzeckbahn and Reisseckbahn are opposite each other compared with the Mölltal glacial valley and Kolbnitz.

The Reisseckbahn goes along the pipeline which receives the water from the Reisseckgruppe, Kreuzeckbahn goes along the pipeline which receives the waters from the Kreuzeckgruppe.

The two pipelines arrive at the same Draukraft power station of Kolbnitz.

Kreuzeckbahn is not so popular as Reisseckbahn. May be because the funicular does not climb so high as the other one, also because it runs on a side of the mountain which is north-oriented. I personally think that its timetable must be corrected, I saw many potential users turn back because of the too long break in the middle of the day.

Kreuzeckbahn bottom station

Kreuzeckbahn bottom station


The cabins are opened platforms with wooden seats all oriented to the valley. The cabins are covered with a tarpaulin.

The FUNIMAG readers must remember another funicular with such a kind of cabins... the second section of the Golmerbahn also in Austria but which closed in 1995.

 After the break

Most of the users are walkers and hikers. Kreuzeckbahn is a good start point for hiking in the Kreuzeck massif with many walks to the Salzkofen (2498 m) and the Gross Grakofel (2551 m).

Kreuzeckbahn cabin

  Kreuzeckbahn bottom station


 The Kreuzeckbahn is a pendular funicular with two cabins and an asymmetrical siding as the same section of the Golmerbahn.

There is one portico in a concavity of the profile.

 The cabin at the top station (1211 meters)

Kreuzeckbahn top station

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