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Dorfbahn Serfaus
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Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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The cabin

OTIS air cushions

 One of the main characteristics of the Dorfbahn is that the cabin leans on multiple air cushions.

On this photo taken at the delivery of a cabin down to the gallery, you can see the different air cushions.

The Dorfbahn subway is composed of one train of one or two cabins.

Drawing of the OTIS air cushions.

(Photo from the Seilbahn Komperdell booklet.)


Inside of a cabin.

The comfort and the decoration are a little bit simple or... Spartan!

Remember that the Dorfbahn was built to transport skiers with their equipment.

Inside of a cabin

Cabin at Station Parkplatz

 A cabin at Station Parkplatz.

Above each door the letters show where is the cabin and the green arrow shows the direction of the cabin.

Station Seilbahn

 Station Seilbahn

On the left, the stairs to the exit, the surface and the ski lifts.

On the right wall, the doors to access at the cabin.

At the end of the corridor if the engine room and the control room.

The cabin at the station Seilbahn ready for the departure to the Parking at the other end of Serfaus.  Cabin at Station Seilbahn

Station Parkplatz

 Station Parkplatz

Next departure in 7 minutes.

In fact it was 1:30 pm when I took the photo! ;-)

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