Saint Imier - Mont Soleil



Photo Michel Azéma January 2004


Saint Imier is located near the canton of Neuchâtel, in the only remaining French-speaking part of the canton of Bern.

In 1974, the French-speaking part (north part) of the canton of Bern wan a long battle for the secession and the new canton of Jura was created. Saint Imier did not vote for the secession.The funicular Saint Imier - Mont Soleil is a way to reach the wonderful plateau on the north of the city which name is 'Franches Montagnes' famous for the beautiful landscape and horse farming.

Hiking in this area is a great delight.

In 2002, the funicular was stopped for economic reasons. It was saved with the willpower of a group of enthusiasts.

The funicular was completely rebuilt in 2003, with two new stations but with a one carriage/one single track configuration.

The new funicular was opened on 15th November 2003.




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Technical Datas
Start 1903 15 Nov 2003
End 2002 ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Energy elec.gif elec.gif
Bottom station Saint Imier (832 m) 828 m
Top station Mont Soleil (1173 m) 1179 m
Length 728 m 743 m
Difference of levels 341 m 351 m
Maximum Gradient 60 % 60 %
Time of a ride 10'  
Gauge 1 m 1 m
Carriages 2x54 passengers 1x60 passengers
Manufacturer Von Roll Doppelmayr-Von Roll
Carriage Manufacturer Gangloff Gangloff


Company Informations
Funiculaire Saint-Imier-Mont-Soleil
Rue des Roches
31 Case postale
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
Tel. ++41 32 941 25 53
Fax ++41 32 941 28 32



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