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Funiculars of Switzerland

NStP - Fribourg / Neuveville-Saint Pierre

(photo Michel Azéma September 2000)
The Société du Funiculaire Neuveville - Saint-Pierre was established the 1897 April 22nd to link together the two areas of Fribourg: Neuveville and Saint-Pierre.
The opening for the passengers was on 1899 February 4th. The funicular was managed by the Brasserie du Cardinal (brewery) from 1901 until 1965. In 1965, the city of Fribourg became the only shareholder of the company.

In 1970, the city of Fribourg gave up the installations to the public transportation of the city (Transports en commun de Fribourg).

The Transports en commun de Fribourg had the idea to renovate the funicular, to transform it into an electric funicular or an automatic one. Fortunately each time the project was gave up!

Today the Funiculaire Neuveville - Saint-Pierre is exactly in the state as in 1899, same cabins, same kind of energy. Neuveville - Saint-Pierre is the last Swiss funicular with water counterbalanced energy. This kind of energy is now very rare in the funicular world. It is now a very a rare species. I think all the funicular and railway lovers must protect and act to preserve the last ones.

Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station
Neuveville (552 m)
Upper station
Saint-Pierre (610 m)
Diff. of levels
58 m
121 m
Gradient (maximum)
55 %
Gradient (minimum)
49,5 %
1,2 m
Time of a ride
2 mn
Number of cabin
Passengers per Cabin
Manufacturer Doppelmayr-Von Roll
Transports en commun de Fribourg SA
Rue des Pilettes 3
Case Postale 213


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