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DBB - Dietschiberg Bahn

Logo of the Verein Pro Dietschibergbahn

(photo Michel Azéma September 1998)
The Dietschiberg Bahn is close to my heart. Since 1986 I always visit it each time I travel in the central Switzerland. Unfortunately this funicular is stopped since the 30th September 1978. The 26th April 1977 a fire destroyed the restaurant at the top of the Dietschiberg (also called Kleine Rigi) and the funicular had to stop the year after due to the disaffection of the people.

The 13th May 1991 the public company DBB-Betriebs AG was created to rebuild the funicular.

 The two stations were completely restored, the bridge above the St. Annastrasse was rebuilt, the two cabins were removed to be restored. Unfortunately the city of Lucern council didn't give any money to help the company. The golf club, at the top of the Dietschiberg, was not interested to the reconstruction of the funicular. The result is that every thing is stopped, or even abandoned, for some years for lack of money!

The cabins, the cable and the rails are completely removed. The track has been overrun by the grass. In 1998 the only remains are the two stations (see photo) which looks great but it is just an illusion!

Great disappointment! :-(

Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Length 381,8 m
Bottom Station Halde (430 m)
Top Station Dietschiberg (629 m)
Diff. of levels 199 m
1 m

Verein Pro Dietschibergbahn 
Maihofstrasse 39



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