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DSB Davos - Schatzalp






(photo Michel Azéma September 2002)

The town of Davos is very long and narrow. It is composed of two parts : Davos-Dorf and Davos-Platz. Each part has its own funicular : the Parsenn Bahn at Davos-Dorf and the Schatzalp Bahn at Davos-Platz.

The Schatzalp Bahn funicular is owned by the Berghotel and Restaurant Schatzalp resort. The funicular links the main street of Davos-Platz to the Schatzalp resort which is located in the forest, 300 meters above the town.

The Schatzalp resort is composed of the famous Schatzalp hotel, a restaurant, the Strela gondola ropeway, the Schatzalp funicular, the Alpinum alpine garden and the Sommerschlittelbahn which is a summer bobsleigh slope.

The Sommerschlittelbahn is an artificial sinuous slope circuit which is rushed down by small on wheels sleds ; some kind of roller coaster. The sleds are hoisted to the top of the circuit, the sleds are gripped on a moving cable. This is a real funicular system !


Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Davos Platz
(1557 m)
Top station Schatzalp
(1861 m)
Length 712 m
Diff. of levels 300 m
Maximum Gradient 47,3 %
Gauge 1 m
Berghotel Schatzalp

CH- 7270 Davos - Platz

Tel: +41 81 415 51 51
Fax +41 81 415 52 52



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