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MMB - Muottas Muralg Bahn






(photo Michel Azéma September 2002

Muottas Muralg Bahn is one of my favorite funiculars of Switzerland.

It is located at the junction of the Engadin valley and Bernina valley, between Samedan and Pontresina and only at four kilometers from Saint Moritz.

Why is it one of my favorites ? Because this funicular is a real icon of the Swiss funiculars.

• It goes from the bottom of the valley to the top of the (Muottas Muralg) mountain with a very nice curved profile.
• The first part of the line goes entirely through a forest, the second part of the line goes entirely on the mountain pasture and is visible from all the surrounding areas.
• This is a classical funicular, two counterbalanced carriages with a passing loop in the middle of the line.
• The carriages are two classical 60s Gangloff made ones, they are red !
• At the top of the line there is restaurant, but a very good one ! Not the horrible self-service restaurant at the top of the Cairngorm Funicular ! The restaurant at Muottas Muralg is worth the detour and that is why the funicular is opened until 11 PM !!! Do you know any other mountain funicular which is open so late ???
• The upper part of the line is lighted by night! It can be easily seen from Saint Moritz.
• From the top, the panorama is magnificent to the Upper Engadin valley and to the 4000s meters summits (Piz Bernina, Piz Palü).
• From the Muottas Muralg summit many footpaths start from the restaurant and the hikers can use the funicular as they want, they are even very welcome ! Not as Cairngorm mountain!
• Muottas Muralg mountain and its funicular are really photogenic !

Do you want some more reasons ?


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Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Punt Muralg
(1739 m)
Top station Muottas Muralg
(2448 m)
Length 2201 m
Diff. of levels 709 m
Maximum Gradient 54 %
Time of a ride 12'
1 m
5 m/s
2 of 80 pass
Muottas Muralg Bahn

CH-7503 Samedan
Tel. ++41 (0)81.842.83.08
Fax ++41 (0)81.842.65.71


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