Lochezen (old lime quarry)



Photo Werner Nef Rorschacherberg


This incline (Schrägaufzug) is located at Lochezen on the Walensee lake, near Walenstadt.
It was built to reach a lime and cement quarry which is not operated anymore.
It is also the place where are tested the iron safety nets which are used to stop falls of stones.
Today, it is possible to visit the old quarry with its old remainings of an industrial railway.

The gauge of the Lochezen incline is around 3 meters, that is the widest gauge of Switzerland!




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Technical Datas
Start 1956
End ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Energy elec.gif
Bottom Station Lochezen (425 m)
Top Station Old quarry (575 m)
Difference of level 150 m
Maximum Gradient  
Gauge ~ 3 m
Cars 1


Company Informations
Ortsgemeinde Walenstadt
CH-8880  Walenstadt
Tel +41 81 735 27 17
Fax +41 81 735 25 16



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