Ligerz Tessenberg Bahn



Photo Michel Azéma 22 May 2004


The funicular Ligerz Tessenberg was built in 1912 to link the bank of the lake of Bienne, and the plateau on the first foothill of the Jura mountain.

The bottom station is just beside the CFF station of the great line Lausanne - Neuchâtel - Bienne - Zürich. The timetable of the funicular is in perfect connection with the CFF trains (one regional train per hour, on each direction).

The line of the funicular follows a great S before reaching the top station at Prêles. The track crosses the famous vineyard of Ligerz (Ligerzer) with a wonderful view on the lake of Bien (Bielersee) and on the St. Petersinsel peninsula where stayed Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

In September 2003, the funicular was stopped after a technical incident. Then it was completely renovated and transformed with only 1 car. The new funicular was opened on 17 May 2004.




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Technical Datas
Start 1912 17 May 2004
End Sept 2003 ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Energy elec.gif elec.gif
Bottom station Ligerz (439 m) Ligerz (437 m)
Top station Prêles (818 m) Prêles (820 m)
Length 1183 m 1198 m
Difference of levels 379 m 383 m
Minimum Gradient 23 % 23 %
Maximum Gradient 40 % 40 %
Speed   5 m/s
Gauge 1 m 1 m
Time of a ride 7' 4,5'
Cabins 2 1 of 50 passengers
Manufacturer Von Roll Garaventa


Company Informations
Station de Prêles
CH-2515 Prêles
++41 32 315 12 24



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