Gelmer Bahn



Photo Michel Azéma September 2000


106% This is the steepest gradient of the Gelmerbahn in the Haslital valley in the south of the Bern canton. This is also the steepest incline of Switzerland!
It was built in 1926 for the construction of the Gelmersee Dam at the altitude of 1850m.
KWO-Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG, which owns the Gelmerbahn, exploits the hydroelectric ressources of the area.

Gelmerbahn was open to the public on 4th August 2001.
At last!!!
The only car can transport 27 workers but only 8 public passengers will be allowed for each travel. The car is an opened plateform with wooden seats turned to the bottom of the valley, turned to the sheer drop!
A fantastic experience!!!

On August 4, 2001 the Gelmerbahn was opened to the public.



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Technical Datas
Start 1926
End ...
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Energy elec.gif
Bottom Station Handegg (1400 m)
Top Station Gelmersee (1850 m)
Length 1030 m
Difference of level 450 m
Maximum Gradient 106 %
Speed 2 m/s
Gauge 1 m
Cars 1 of 27 passengers


Company Informations
CH-3862 Innertkirchen
Tel +41 33 982 20 11
Fax +41 33 982 20 05



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