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Funiculars of Switzerland

Flims Caumasee

(photo Michel Azéma September 2000)
Flims, the famous ski resort, is located on the left side of the Rhein Gorges in the Graubünden canton. Flims-Waldhaus is select suburb of Flims with a beaufitul forest and in the bottom of a basin, in the middle of the forest, is hidden the wonderful Cauma lake (Caumasee in german, Lag la Cauma in Romans) with green water. This lovely place is frozen in winter and is a swimming area otherwise. Unfortunately the lake in surrounded by a large wire netting all around its periphery and you have to pay to access to the lake!

In 1937 a funicular was built to access the Cauma Lake from the path which goes to Flims-Waldhaus. Recently the funicular was rebuilt by Niederberger as a two parallel tracks funicular. It is now a free automatic lift.

Technical Datas

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower station Caumasee (997 m)
Top station Waldhaus path (1087 m)
Length 125 m
Diff. of levels 90 m
Maximum Gradient 70 %
Speed 2,4 m/sec
1 m


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