Where were you on September 11, 2001 ?

Where were you on September 11, 2001 between 8:46 a.m. EDT (1246 GMT), the moment a plane flew into the north tower of the WTC, and 9:03 a.m. EDT (1303 GMT), when the south tower was hit?Every body can remember where he was at that moment!Personnaly, I was taking pictures of the Wolfenschiessen military incline in the canton of Nidwald between Stans and Engelberg in Switzerland!I heard about the drama only at 7 pm, when I opened the television at Hotel du Cheval Blanc at St Blaise near Neuchatel.

And you? Where were you?…


Où étiez vous le 11 septembre 2001 entre 14h46, l’heure à laquelle un premier avion entra dans la tour nord du World Trace Center, et 15h03 heure à laquelle le deuxième avion percuta la tour sud?

Tout le monde se souviens où il était à ce moment là!

Personnellment j’étais en Suisse en train de prendre des photos du funiculaire militaire de Wolfenschiessen dans le canton de Nidwald, entre Stans et Engelberg!

Je n’ai appris le drame qu’à 19h, en allumant la télévision, en rentrant à l’ Hôtel du Cheval Blanc à Saint-Blaise près de Neuchâtel.

Et vous? Où étiez vous?…

Wolfenschiessen military incline.

Flood in Switzerland ! The Stanserhorn Bahn is out of service till September 9th

August 22nd, 2005,

Floods have brought chaos to a large swathe of central Switzerland, triggering landslides and cutting roads and railway lines.

The Die Zentral Bahn line Interlaken – Meiringen was cut at Brienz because of a landslide.

The Die Zentral Bahn Luzern – Stans – Engelberg railway line was swept away between Wolfenschiessen and Engelberg !

The Stanserhorn Bahn funicular track was swept away because of the strong rain streaming. The funicular is out of service till September 9th 2005.

In Vaud canton the small village of Morcles was completly isolated from Saint Maurice valley. The Lavey – Dailly underground military funicular was used to feed the village and to evacuate people in case of urgent need.

Stanserhorn Bahn (Photo pd zisch.ch)

Stanserhorn Bahn (Photo ZVG)