“La ficelle” Lausanne-Ouchy – Used trains for free !

Lausanne, Switzerland, September 13, 2005.

Due to the construction of the new city metro m2, the presently used trains Lausanne-Ouchy (LO) and Lausanne-Gare (LG) will stop service on January 22, 2006.

The “Transports publics de la région Lausannoise” let for free all the rolling stock of the two cog wheel lines : Lausanne-Ouchy (LO) and Lausanne-Gare (LG) which were first funicular railways between 1877 and 1958.

Any firms, associations or museums who may be interested in acquiring one or another of these vehicles can contact Mr. Alain Sauterel.

The list of the rolling stock :

From LG : 2 cog wheel electric railcars, Strub system.

From LO : 3 cog wheel electric railcars, Strub system, 5 passager cars.

Details on the official site www.t-l.ch/entreprise/vehicule.htm

The Museum of Transport at Lucerne refused to receive any of these rolling stock !

Lausanne – Gare (LG)

Lausanne – Ouchy (LO)