Kaprun – Funiculaire En Feu (de DIRECT 8)

La Minute de vérité – Funiculaire En Feu (reportage de DIRECT 8)

Remember Kaprun 11/11/2000 – 155 persons died in the funicular “Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2” at Kaprun (Austria)

Le 11 novembre 2000, 155 personnes périrent dans l’incendie du funiculaire “Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2” à Kaprun (Autriche).

R.I.P. in Austria †

Some regretted Austrian cable cars disappeared forever … and we really miss …

Repose en paix en Autriche

Quelques regrettés funiculaires autrichiens disparus à tout jamais… et qui nous manquent vraiment…

Golmerbahn ( 1954 – 1995 )

Golmerbahn in 1978
Golmerbahn in 1978 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)


Golmerbahn in 1978
Golmerbahn in 1978 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)


Vermuntbahn ( 1928 – 1993 )

Vermuntbahn in 1978
Vermuntbahn in 1978 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)



Vermuntbahn in 1978
Vermuntbahn in 1978 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)


ST. ANTON AM ARLBERG – Arlberg-Kandahar Bahn ( 1972 – 2000 )

Arlberg-Kandahar Bahn in 1978
Arlberg-Kandahar Bahn in 1978 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)



Arlberg-Kandahar Bahn in 1978
Arlberg-Kandahar Bahn in 1978 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)


ST. JOHANN IN TIROL ( 1952 – 1987 )

ST. JOHANN IN TIROL in 1970 (photo Jean-Henri Manara)


 KAPRUN – Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2 ( 1974 – 2000 )

 KAPRUN - Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2 in 1993
KAPRUN - Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2 in 1993 (photo Michel Azéma)

Kaprun disaster – “Fire on the Ski Slope”

Here is the full 44′ “Fire on the Ski Slope” documentary television episode of “Seconds from Disaster“, a documentary television series on National Geographic Channel.
“Fire on the Ski Slope” is about the Kaprun disaster. The Kaprun disaster was the fire that occurred in a funicular car in the tunnel of the Gletscherbahn 2 railway in Kaprun, Austria, on 11 November 2000. The disaster claimed the lives of 155 people, leaving 12 survivors  from the burning car. The victims were skiers on their way to the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier.
This episode is really excellent, it is an exact report of the events and I think it is a very good way to learn and understand what happened in the Kaprun tunnel!
This episode is only in english… sorry for not having any French translation.

La catastrophe de Kaprun – “Fire on the Ski Slope” (le feu sur les pentes de ski)

“Fire on the Ski Slope” est un excellent reportage de 44 minutes de la série de documentaires “Seconds from Disaster“, de la cha$ine de télévision National Geographic Channel.
Le documentaire est sur la catastrophe de Kaprun… le 11 novembre 2000, le feu dans une voiture du funiculaire ‘Gletscherbahn 2’ à Kaprun en Autriche, qui provoca la mort de 155 personnes avec 12 survivants. Les victimes étaient des skieurs se rendant sur les pentes du glacier du  Kitzsteinhorn.
Ce documentaire est vraiment excellent, il retrace de manières précises les évènements minutes par minutes. C’est un très bon moyen d’apprendre et de comprendre ce qui s’est passé dans le tunnel de Kaprun!
Ce reportage est malheureusement en anglais… désolé de ne pas en avoir la version française.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Part 5


The Kaprun disaster on Funimag in english / Le drame de Kaprun en français dans Funimag

My interview on BBC News on 12 November 2000 😉

Kaprun – A new future for the Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2 funicular ?

Kaprun, AustriaGletscherbahnen Kaprun AG will get back the only car which remained intact after the November 11th, 2000 tragedy.The “Kitzsteingams” car was destroyed by the fire into the tunnel. The undamaged “Gletscherdrachen” car was confiscated by the Salzburg authorities for the investigations and will be brought back to the operators of Kaprun skiing area.

The goal is to re-open the funicular for private freight transportations for the ski resort.
Some modifications are necessary to recreate a pendular funicular with two cars.
” Gletscherdrachen” is composed of two half-cars and can be divided into two different cars and at least a new fixing for the cable for one of the half-car and modification of the brake systems.

So the funiclar might be soon in operation again… but not for passengers!

Details of the November 11th, 2000 tragedy.

” Gletscherdrachen”