Cannes – Super Cannes, three wonderful slideshows !

Cannes, Alpes Maritimes, France"Pierre l' Antibois" created three wonderful slideshows about the actual remaining of the funicular Cannes – Super Cannes.The funicular Cannes – Super Cannes was stopped in 1966 and since the last day, it is still at the same status for 40 years!
The two cars are still in the top and bottom stations, the cable is still there!


Please look, listen and appreciate the 3 slideshows… that is great !!!


Cannes – Super Cannes, 3 superbes diaporamas !

Cannes, Alpes Maritimes, France.

"Pierre l' Antibois" vient de créer 3 superbes diaporamas sur les vestiges actuel du funiculaire de Cannes – Super Cannes.

Le funiculaire de Cannes – Super Cannes a été définitivement arrêté en 1966 et depuis ce jour là il est resté tel quel depuis 40 ans! Seul les ravages du temps et les dégradations de l'homme l'ont altéré.

Regardez, écoutez et appréciez ces 3 diaporamas… c'est superbe!!!

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Video2         (159M)
Video3         (180M)
Video4         (212M)
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Video6         (149M)

(in fact there are 6 slideshows… here are the first ones) 

Photo "Pierre l' Antibois", february 2006.

Villard-de-Lans – the town council approved the rack train project!

Villard-de-Lans, Isère, France.

On January 12th, 2006, the town council of Villard-de-Lans approved the project of the new rack train from Villard-de-Lans to the new ski resort, which will be built, end 2008, above Le Balcon de Villard.

The rolling stock of the two cog wheel lines : Lausanne-Ouchy (LO) and Lausanne-Gare (LG) will be give up to the french town after January 22, 2006 which will be the last day of "La Ficelle" !

The rolling stock will be stored by Tensol Rail SA, a Swiss company which will be also in charged for the transfer to Villard-de-Lans when it will be necessary.


Villard-de-Lans will be in charge to remove asbestos from the cars.

It is funny to know that the city of Turin thought to get back La Ficelle to replace the rolling stock of the Superga rack train ! Unfortunately for Turin, the gauges of the two trains are not the same !

It is interesting to know that an anonymous letter, sent by a person who owns high European administrative functions at Brussels, accuses the Villard-de-Lans municipality to have managed this project without any serious financial studies.

I personally received this letter; I know also that "24 heures", the Swiss newspaper from Lausanne, received the same letter!


Tréport- Terrasse, on the right track !

Le Tréport, Seine maritime, France. March 23rd, 2005.Some news from Le Tréport…The new project is on the right track.

The project is at the moment in the phase of consolidating the rocks on the cliff.

The manufacturer of the inclined lifts will be chosen in June 2005, the construction will start on August 2005 and the opening is planed for June 2006.

MDP Ingenierie Conseil, Meylan, France is managing the project.

In fact the new funicular will be composed of two independent inclined automatic lifts. The two lifts will both pass thru the same tunnel (West tunnel). The other tunnel (East) will be unused unless it is necessary to increase the capacity. Each lift will be composed of a single cabin with a capacity of 14 passengers.

A France 3 Television crew interviewing the workers on the top of the cliff.

The same France 3 Television crew interviewing MDP engineer inside the tunnel.

Tréport – Terrasse, the Resurrection !!!

Le Tréport, Seine maritime, France. February 3rd, 2005.After the funicular Evian-Neuvecelle which was rebuilt and re-opened to the public in June 2002 after 33 years of inactivity, another french funicular will be rebuilt and will be re-opened to the public in 2006.The funicular Tréport -Terrasse was built in 1902 to link the seaside of the Channel to the top of the cliff with a twin tunnel thru the rocks. The funicular was stopped in 1939. In the 60s an aerial cable car was built to re-open the way to the top of the cliff, the gondolas was passing through the same twin tunnels but this experience was stopped after some few years.

In 2004, the town council of Le Tréport decided to build an automatic lift on behalf of the site of the old funicular but thru one of the twin tunnels.

The inclined lift will be used by the clients of a pay and display car park which will be built on the top of the cliff.

The first works started on February 3rd, 2005. The objective of these first works is to consolidate the cliff to prevent falling rocks.

In 1902, the first funicular was climbing to the top of the cliff thru two parallel tunnels.

In the 60s, the twin tunnels were shortly used by an aerial cable way.