Mondovi – The delivery of the new carriages !

Mondovi (Piedmont, Italy) April 12, 2006.Yes, I know, I am late for this information!On April 12 2006, at Mondovi, the two new cars were delivered and installed on the track of the Mondovi funicular!

The new funicular is still supposed to be opened end October 2006.


Mondovi – La livraison des nouvelles cabines !

Mondovi (Piemont, Italie) 12 april 2006.

Oui, je sais, je suis en retard pour annoncer cette information!

Le 12 avril dernier, les deux nouvelles cabines du nouveau funiculaire de Mondovi ont été livrées et installées sur les rails.

La mise en service est toujours prévue pour fin octobre 2006.

(Photo Unione Monregalese)

(Photo Unione Monregalese)

(Photo Unione Monregalese)

Mondovi, the first digging!

On Monday February 28th, 2005 the first digging of the new funicular of Mondovi was done by Aldo Rabbia, the mayor of Mondovi in the presence of William Casoni, the vice-chairman of Piedmont County.The end of the works is planned for end of April 2006.The opening day is planned for end of 2006…

Note the old funicular in the background! (Photo Unione Monregalese)

Funicolare di Mondovi – Reconstruction !!!

Mondovi, Piemonte, Italy. February 28th, 2005.Monday February 28th, 2005 will be the first day of the reconstruction of the funicular of Mondovi which was stopped since 1973.The $ 7 Million project will be financed by Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Cuneo and Comune di Mondovi e cotributo Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo. The reconstruction will be carried out by Garboli Conicos and Dopplemayr.

The new funicular will be composed of 2 cars of 70 passengers with a capacity of 800 passengers per hour. It will take 7 minutes to go from Breo to Piazza.

The old funicular of Mondovi

Gardena Ronda Express – Final phases

Val Gardena, Alto Adige, Italy.A new funicular was built in Val Gardena, in the Dolomites, north of Italy, in the Santa Cristina ski resort.It is an underground railway 1261.74 m long, with a 138 m level difference and 11,66 % maximum gradient. It has two cars, each with a capacity for 140 passengers.
Manufacturer: Leitner Spa and Poma Italy.
Cars: Gangloff, Bern.

The two cars were delivered on October 5th, 2004. The inauguration will take place on December the 4th, 2004.

The site of the Gardena Ronda Express project.