16 thoughts on “Quiz #49”

  1. I suppose its Switzerland or nearby due to the architecture of the houses; in the background seems to be the shore of a river or a lake .
    The length of the funicular might be somwhere around 200 or 300m. I tohougt of some small one in Luzern or Territet (too curved) and Zürich (Rigiblikc, but no shore nearby).
    So at the moment i don´t know…

  2. Nicolas, you found it… BRAVO… this is the funicular Virgolo at Bolzano, Alto Adige, Italy ( Standseilbahn Virglbahn, Bozen, Süd Tirol, Italien).
    This funicular was in use from 1907 till 1945.
    Today, every thing is disappeared… just few remains.
    Even the area at the bottom of the funicular is completely changed today.
    On top of the photo it is the rive Isarco.which comes from the Brenner.
    Here the same view today…

    The Virglbahn how it was at the beginning :

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