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  1. The structure reminds me about the Tschuggenbahn, but there is no such installation out of Arosa, and because of the track connections (bolts outside of the track), the system can’t be the same. Therefore I think the 3-pipe structure is just the support and the track is laid on top of it.
    According to the road signs, I would say it is in the northern half of Europe.

  2. A voir la forme de la porte de communication au bout de la voie, la cabine a l’air de venier se plaquer contre le batiment, mais n’y rentre pas.
    Vu la signalisation et le relief, je penche aussi pour l’Europe du nord. (Allemagne, Danemark,…)

  3. Bonjour,
    Desolé pour les fautes et le pseudo du message précédent. J’utilise un ordinateur QWERTY avec une correction automatique qui m’a joué des tours.

  4. I was thinking exactly the same but wasn’t sure if Denmark was the only place where those can be found…

  5. Bravo… good shot
    Yes it is the Viborg Patient Hotel in Denmark.
    The cabin is linking the patient hotel to the Viborg Hospital

  6. But… where is the cable!? Even with Doppelmayr involved, this installation has no cable!

  7. Funimag… yes I know but you can find in it also articles about rack trains, normal trains, tramways…
    In fact I thought the Cityliner is really curious and interesting to be in Funimag… 🙂

  8. I totally agree (and I also like those “non-cabled” articles)… but it might add a bit of difficulty to the quiz 🙂

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