Quiz #43

Quiz #43
Quiz #43
Quiz #43

Yes there was a funicular here… what is its name ? (click to enlarge)

Oui… il y avait un funiculaire ici… quel est son nom? (cliquer pour agrandir)

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  1. There was only one cable incline there. The Great Incline, at Echo Mountain, is a part of the railroads which lead to the summit of Mount Lowe.

  2. And I guess further – the area looks like the site of Walnut Grove (Our little farm). The hills in the surrondings of Los Angeles. But to reduce the possibilities I will just ask: USA?

  3. Hello Michel,
    this quiz is a brain-cracker….
    Mount Morrison Incline?
    The rock formations at the bottom look like Red-Rock Amphitheater in Colorado.
    But it is not die funicular in Golden – as the Formations on top of the hill arent very characteristic.
    But baybe it really the funicular, that can be partly seen here http://pinecam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=164893 ond picture http://i540.photobucket.com/albums/gg324/abnerwiggerman/Funicular2_zpscda7bb6d.jpg in the background?

  4. Hello Martin…
    Good answer…. it is Mount Morrison Incline (1909-1914) at Morrison, near Red Rocks, Colorado (USA)….
    (it is not Castle Rock Incline at Golden)

    Here is a photo of Red Rocks with Mount Morrison and its incline before 1920.

    Today the incline has completely disapeared but the scar is still visible with an aerial view.

  5. Hi Don….
    Thank you for your comment and for the link to this document.
    Good photo of a Mount Morrison car…. the car is similar to the other cars of the other inclines in the area (Golden and Manitou inclines).

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