4 thoughts on “Stoos – Video animation of the new funicular”

  1. The shape of the cars makes sense as a way to keep the floors level. It would be interesting if someone could make an animation of an abandoned funicular, like the one on Vesuvius.

  2. Garaventa has built a funicular with level correction. It’s called Fun’ambule and is in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. This system has suspended compartiments connected by rods under the gondolas. It works pretty well, I don’t understand why they don’t use it here. The new systems has complicated hydraulics and needs a electronic control device. The old one is completely mechanical. Modern is not always better in my eyes! If you have a good working, reliable mechanical system, why using a complicated newer one? Of course, the carriages looks very stylish, but I think this should not be the most important part if we are talking about a funicular!

  3. The suspended compartments solution, as in Fun’ambule of Neuchatel, was not chosen because of the great gradient (110%). In that case a big gap would have been necessary between the compartments. In the chosen solution, non suspended cylindrical compartments, just a little gap is necessary between them… so the cabins can be shorter.

  4. Joe… I agree with you creating 3D animation for disappeared funiculars would be great. There are a lot of such interesting funiculars to revive…
    Do you know anybody to create such animations ? I already have a top list of such funiculars…

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