Sasha Grey at the ‘Chemosphere’, John Lautner

At the Venice Biennale, which currently stands will present a film by American artist Richard Philips in which Sasha Grey, the famous Porn Actress gets on the funicular of the ‘Chemosphere’ home mounted on a pillar built by architect John Lautner in 1960 over Los Angeles.

Sasha Grey dans le funiculaire de la ‘Chemosphere’ de John Lautner

A la Biennale de Venise qui se tient actuellement sera présenté un film de l’artiste américain Richard Philips dans lequel Sasha Grey, la célèbre actrice de film X, monte dans le funiculaire de la ‘Chemosphere’, la maison montée sur un pilier et construite par l’architecte John Lautner en 1960 au dessus de Los Angeles.

SASHA GREY from V Magazine on Vimeo.

The famous house is located on Hollywood Hill overlooking San Fernando Valley above Mulholland Drive and is only accessible by a funicular.
It was bought in 2000 by German publisher Benedikt Taschen which made the house renovation and modernization of the funicular.
La célèbre maison est située sur la colline d’Hollywood et domine la vallée de San Fernando au dessus de Mulholland Drive et n’est accessible que par un funiculaire privé.
Elle fut rachetée en 2000 par l’éditeur allemand Benedikt Taschen qui la fit rénover et modernisa la cabine du funiculaire.

Chemosphere, John Lautner
Chemosphere, John Lautner


5 thoughts on “Sasha Grey at the ‘Chemosphere’, John Lautner”

  1. A porn actress on a funicular. Is this a case of a “fornicular”?

  2. Hi Tijmen… since I am interested in funiculars, I always say “un funiculaire, c’est un excellent moyen de s’envoyer en l’air!” (sorry it is in French… I don’t know if this expression can be translated in English…)…. hope you understand!

    Fornicular… this is excellent!

  3. I once was stranded with just my then-girlfriend in an elevator after a lightning hit the building, unfortunately it started moving again before we could “envoyer” (if that means what I think it means – my dictionary is a bit prude) 🙂

  4. Yes it means what you think…. to get laid !
    Of course it means also to climb up… or more exactly to send yourself in the air… but the first meaning is better used! 😉

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