The new Penang Hill Funicular

After more than a year of inactivity, the new Penang Hill funicular in Malaysia re-opened on April 25, 2011.
The old funicular, composed of two sections, was definitively closed on February 25, 2010 and was entirely replaced by a modern funicular with a single section of 1996 meters length.
On May 3rd, 2011, after only a few days of operation, at 4:30 pm, a collision with an unidentified object (a stray dog?  a boar? or perhaps sabotage) caused damage below a car and  the funicular had to stop for a day.

Le nouveau funiculaire de Penang Hill

Après plus d’un an d’inactivité, le nouveau funiculaire de Penang Hill en Malaisie a été mis en service le 25 avril 2011.
L’ancien funiculaire, composé de deux sections, avait été arrêté définitivement le 25 février 2010 afin d’être entièrement remplacé par un funiculaire moderne mais avec un seule section de 1996 mètres.
Le 3 mai 2011, soit seulement après quelques jours d’exploitation, à 16:30, une collision avec un objet non identifié ( un chien errant, un sanglier?  ou peut être un sabotage) cause des dégâts sous une des voitures et provoque l’arrêt du funiculaire pendant une journée.

Penang Hill
New Penang Hill Funicular



3 thoughts on “The new Penang Hill Funicular”

  1. Mate the set up is badly finished, I am writing a report for the Administration on the faults I found on my inspection
    List is to long to report here.
    I found that the company who rebuilt it new very little of Funicular Railways if anything at all.
    Ric Francis

  2. Thank you Ric for you comment
    Do you have more information’s about what happened on May 3rd?
    What was the cause of the incident?

  3. Ric,

    I had some questions bout the old trams in penang. Tried sending you mail to the .au addy but like the trams it has been decommisioned. Wondering was there a new page where i can contact you.

    Been reading up on the old trams. Was wondering where did all the old carriages went. Sold off or rusting somewhere ?

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