3 thoughts on “Ocean Express”

  1. Bonjour Michel,

    Très impressionnant ce funiculaire, on le dirait directement sorti d’une aventure de Jules Verne.



  2. It is definately Jules Verne themed. There are large flat screens inside and videos simulates a look through windows. Those computer generated videos are also the reason why this funicular always runs full speed even at low frequence times. That’s because the videos has exactely the same length as a ride with 10m/sec, so you have the impression to make a trip with Captain Nemo’s Nautilus instead of riding a funicular.

    Maybe there are Doppelmayr plates at the stations, but it was made by Garaventa. The carriages are from CWA. Well, same company, but the competences are clearly splitted: Doppelmayr builts multiple gondola lifts, chairlifts and ground lifts and Garaventa is responsable for aerial tramways and funiculars.

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