Quiz #30

Quiz #30

Dans ce quiz, il faut deviner…. Devinez ce qu’il faut deviner ! Un funiculaire… évidemment…
In this quiz, you have to find… Guess what you have to find ! A funicular… of course…

7 thoughts on “Quiz #30”

  1. I guess: USA or North America 1950´ies
    none of the remaining inclines in Pittsburgh
    Due to the advertised beer
    googling – Lucky Lager …Vancouver -but there ist no funicular
    Regal Pale seems to be a general kind of beer
    ggolging both combined…first hit San Francisco No
    …due to the columns http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels_Flight
    I would guess at least Angels Flight in LA, which would also fit the funny mixture of clothing styles (well due to dieffernt ages of the photgraphed persons)
    An due to the quit realxed latino or italian mood of the picture I suppose it was just in the time some PE-Line where still operating, befor LA tumbled down totally in its automobilistic dark age.

  2. Hello Christian and Martin…
    Of course you found it… this is the Angels Flight in Los Angeles

    Martin… I don’t really understand what you mean about the Austrian painter

  3. Compare the remaining building on the site of Angels flight bottom station. Now the station remains, but the building with the beer is gone.

    May Peintners “interpretation of da Vincis “Annunciation” (http://www.ejournal.at/ArtSite/peintner/vinciheute.jpg) shows a decorated stone table an a facade as only reamins of the original scene (http://www.ejournal.at/ArtSite/peintner/vincidamals.jpg).

    An finding the place of a scene like Angels flight only on the detail of a column is similar to this picture – comparation.

    Well – thats my kind of weird humor 🙂

  4. I rode Angel’s flight as a boy before it was shut down. In the 80s, I happened across the old buildings and cars in a storage yard. Bunker Hill, where Angel’s flight was located was originally residential with downtown below. In the 60s and 70s, the Hill was leveled and the residential area demolished. There used to be another funicular nearby called Court Flight. Angel’s flight is pretty short. It is near it’s original location, but the location bares no resemblance to the past. Now if they would just bring back the Mount Lowe railway.

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