Mt Tamalpais – New gravity car barn

On May 3, 2009… it was the Grand Opening for the public of the new Gravity Car replica barn and Museum at East Peak  which is the Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway old top station. 
The Barn will be the permanent home of the Gravity Car replica (N° 22) which is part of a was constructed by Jerry Coe in 1996. The Barn has been constructed over a section of the 84 feet of standard gauge track at the historic rail siding of the old top station.

Mount Tamalpais – Un nouveau hangar pour la voiture

Le 3 mai 2009, ce fut l’ouverture au public du nouveau hangar musée qui abrite la réplique d’une voiture de l’ancien chemin de fer gravitationnel Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway.
Le hangar a été construit à l’East Peak à l’emplacement exact de l’ancienne gare supérieure du chemin de fer. Il servira d’abri à la voiture (N°22) qui a été construite par  Jerry Coe en 1996. La voiture est posée sur une section de 25 mètres de voie ferrée à écartement standard.



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8 thoughts on “Mt Tamalpais – New gravity car barn”

  1. Cool! Now to relay the entire track, at first down to muir woods, and then on from mesa down into Mill valley. How many shay’s are still available?

  2. Funimag > Tu te rappelles? On discutait si il y avait un ou deux leviers de frein sur les Gravity Car… dès lors nous le savons:

    The two brake shafts, one for each axle, are mounted in pillar blocks in front of the gravity car and transfer the movement of the gravity man’s hand on the brake handles to the brake rods and so on. The gravity man’s left hand controls the front brake, which is “set” by a ratchet-and-pawl mechanism to drag constantly on the descent, slowing the car. The gravity man’s right hand is on the rear or “free” brake. Apparently, slowing the gravity car required both hands at times.


  3. Hi – we hiked past the West Point Inn and there was a sign there with some information about the railroad and the incline. It also had some pictures – I think you also have those in your article. But I couldn’t actually make out where the incline was on the mountain itself. But I didn’t spend much time looking, I was hiking with my family 😉

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