Solution of Quiz #24

Well… I see that you are not familiar with Google Streetview!

The solution of Quiz #24 is 35° 0’26.26″N / 85°20’15.93″O or 918 Scenic Highway, Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA)

It is the location where the Scenic Highway is passing over the Lookout Mountain Incline! The sign indicates a small souvenir shop from where you can SEE INCLINE HERE… you cannot take the incline there, just see it passing behind the cafe and under the road…

Here is the real Streeview… drag the photo below and you have a 360° view… you may also decide to follow the white arrows on the road and then visit all the area!

A ce que je vois vous n’êtes pas encore familier avec Google Streeview!

La solution du Quiz #24 est 35° 0’26.26″N / 85°20’15.93″O ou 918 Scenic Highway, Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA)

C’est l’endroit précis où la route Scenic Highway passe au dessus du funiculaire Lookout Mountain Incline! L’enseigne indique un parking et une petite boutique de souvenirs d’où l’on peut voir passer le funiculaire (‘SEE INCLINE HERE’) derrière le café et sous la route… vous ne pouvez pas le prendre depuis cet endroit…

Ci-dessous voici la vraie vue Streetview… passez la souris sur la photo et faites la glisser (drag) et vous aurez une vue panoramique 360° de l’endroit… vous pouvez aussi décider de visiter la région en suivant les flèches blanches tout au long de la route! Génial non?

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Here is the Chattanooga Lookout Mountain Incline from the location of Quiz #24!

5 thoughts on “Solution of Quiz #24”

  1. I looked around in Pittsburgh. I looked around in Chattanooga. But I missed to look between top and bottom station. That was an interesting quiz. And it was funny to walk around on street view. Like a tourist….
    btw.:walk around the parking lot at Lookoutmountain funicular bottom station – there you can walk from winter to summer 😉

  2. Funimag > «Here is the Chattanooga Lookout Mountain Incline from the location of Quiz #24»

    Là, on nous apprend «403 Forbidden» 🙁

  3. Oh… it was ok yesterday…!

    Well I think it is no more allowed to make a direct link to a Panoramio photo.
    I modified the link…. try now

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