Kaprun – A new future for the Gletscherbahn Kaprun 2 funicular ?

Kaprun, AustriaGletscherbahnen Kaprun AG will get back the only car which remained intact after the November 11th, 2000 tragedy.The “Kitzsteingams” car was destroyed by the fire into the tunnel. The undamaged “Gletscherdrachen” car was confiscated by the Salzburg authorities for the investigations and will be brought back to the operators of Kaprun skiing area.

The goal is to re-open the funicular for private freight transportations for the ski resort.
Some modifications are necessary to recreate a pendular funicular with two cars.
” Gletscherdrachen” is composed of two half-cars and can be divided into two different cars and at least a new fixing for the cable for one of the half-car and modification of the brake systems.

So the funiclar might be soon in operation again… but not for passengers!

Details of the November 11th, 2000 tragedy.

” Gletscherdrachen”

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