Hungerburg Bahn – It is finished!!!

Innsbruck, Austria.The Hungerburg Bahn was stopped on December 8, 2005! It was opened in 1906 to link, with a stop at Alpenzoo, Innsbruck to Hungerburg where it is possible to take the aerial ropeway to Seegrube and Hafelekar (2269 m). A new project was adopted to replace the old funicular… see the next entry in my blog! The old funicular could be dismantled till the end of December 2005. The protected monuments of the old steel trestle and the old concrete viaduct might be dismantled in the following years. The builder and operator "Strabag" wants to remove the top station of the old funicular as soon as possible… some citizens believe they want to be sure, that there is no possibility to ever reinstate the old funicular or to keep it in operation till the end of the building phase of the new one in 2006/2007… (Photo Martin Schönherr)

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