Molkenkurbahn & Koenigstuhlbahn… Here we go again!!!

Heidelberg, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.Since March 23, 2005 the two sections of the funicular of Heidelberg (Molkenkurbahn and Koenigstuhlbahn) are in use again !!!They were closed for modernization. The cars of the upper section, Koenigstuhlbahn, were restored with the same old-time appearance. The cars of the lower section, Molkenkurbahn, were replaced by modern Swoboda’s cars.The official site:

Here are the photos of the new cars…

The cars of the upper section, Koenigstuhlbahn. (Photo Heidelberger Bergbahnen)

The cars of the lower section, Molkenkurbahn. (Photo Heidelberger Bergbahnen)

One thought on “Molkenkurbahn & Koenigstuhlbahn… Here we go again!!!”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I travelled on the lower section of the funicular down from the Schloss to the town. It was very impressive! I wanted to buy a funicular umbrella from the bottom station gift shop, but my girlfriend forbade me.

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