Tréport- Terrasse, on the right track !

Le Tréport, Seine maritime, France. March 23rd, 2005.Some news from Le Tréport…The new project is on the right track.

The project is at the moment in the phase of consolidating the rocks on the cliff.

The manufacturer of the inclined lifts will be chosen in June 2005, the construction will start on August 2005 and the opening is planed for June 2006.

MDP Ingenierie Conseil, Meylan, France is managing the project.

In fact the new funicular will be composed of two independent inclined automatic lifts. The two lifts will both pass thru the same tunnel (West tunnel). The other tunnel (East) will be unused unless it is necessary to increase the capacity. Each lift will be composed of a single cabin with a capacity of 14 passengers.

A France 3 Television crew interviewing the workers on the top of the cliff.

The same France 3 Television crew interviewing MDP engineer inside the tunnel.

Mondovi, the first digging!

On Monday February 28th, 2005 the first digging of the new funicular of Mondovi was done by Aldo Rabbia, the mayor of Mondovi in the presence of William Casoni, the vice-chairman of Piedmont County.The end of the works is planned for end of April 2006.The opening day is planned for end of 2006…

Note the old funicular in the background! (Photo Unione Monregalese)