3 thoughts on “Aberystwyth, Wales”

  1. thats not the castle – thats the old college – it was not part of the castle – built later.

  2. If you love funiculars have you seen the Great Orme in North Wales? There are two sections. The lower two cars are effectively street running although the way is now just for the cars when running. The upper section,( all change!) is a more conventional set up.

    Outside your field in this area are the Festiniog railway that you must ride! This will be phyisically connnected to the Welsh highland railway in 2009 all going well. Both are overall owned by the Festioniog railway. If trains run through the lines are 13.5 miles( Festiniog) plus 28 miles( Welsh highland railway) all on 600 mm with delightful little locomotives but some weigh in at 62 tons.
    Half the Welsh highland is open and the other half is furiously being rebuilt from abandonment in 1936.
    Do not try Train mountain website if you have any aspirations to build a little railway unless you have a strong character.

  3. Well… North of Wales is an area i want to visit for a long time!
    There are many funicular places there… Llechwedd Slate Caverns for example.
    What about Harlech Castle? I herad that there was a project for a funicular…
    And also many old slate quarries with there old inclined planes.

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