Istanbul - The tunnels

Galata - Péra ( The Tünel )



The 1971 funicular

The new funicular is now electric since 1971.

The two parallel tracks were replaced by a single track with central siding.

But what characterizes more this new funicular it is that it rolls on tires!

Indeed the two cars are old cars of MP 55 trains of the subway on tires of the RATP in Paris equipped with tires but also with traditional wheels which can roll on the rails.

A funicular on tires? Is this single? But not, remember... the funicular of the Aven-Armand cave France... it was conceived in 1963 on tires but without rails (see Funimag n° 9 in the old issues).

The top station. Note the tires rolling on the concrete.


The bottom station. It looks like Paris subway in the 70s!


Loop of the cable at the bottom station..


The engine room which is located under the building on the other side of the street.


The bottom station..


The top station and the end station of the nostalgic tramway.


Ticket office at the top station (photo M-J J.).


The waiting queue of the nostalgic tramway from the entrance of the top station (photo M-J J.)


Earthenware tiles at respectively the bottom and top station.


Not always up to date!






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Istanbul-Tunel-04x.jpg The inside of the tunnel. Note the one track with the passing loop. Note also the treads for the tires.
Istanbul-Tunel-09x.jpg The bottom station.
Istanbul-Tunel-06x.jpg Inside of the car. Apart from the turkish newspaper it really looks like we are in the Paris subway in the 70s!
Istanbul-Tunel-12x.jpg The bottom station.
Istanbul-Tunel-25x.jpg The top station
Istanbul-Tunel-18x.jpg The nostagic tramway siding in the famous Istiklal Caddesi.


Technical Data
Start January 18, 1875 November 3, 1971
End 1971 ...
Status   Etat1.gif
Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Bottom station   Karakoy
Top station   Tünel
Length   573 m
Difference of levels   62 m
Maximum Gradient   17 %
Average Gradient   10 %
Number of cars   2
Speed   22 km/h
Time   1' 30"



Company Informations
Sahkulu Street. Erkan-i Harp Str. No: 4 Tünel
80050 Beyoglu
Tel : ( 0212 ) 245 07 20

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