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Dorfbahn Serfaus
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Text and photos by Michel Azéma

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Aerial tramway

 Station Seilbahn

The bottom station of the aerial tramway to Kölner.

The white dome in the center of the parking place is a ventilation shaft and also lights the Dorfbahn engine room which is just under the dome.

The engine room at Station Seilbahn.

Very classical funicular engine room with on the foregroung, from left to right, two big yellow pulleys with disk brakes, the reduction gear and the engine on the right (outside the photo).

On the background, from left to right, the entrance of the tunnel and the red control room.

Engine room

Control room

The control room with the multiple videos.

In fact it was 12:00 am when I took this photo. ;-)





 Current state



14 Dec 1985

Type of funicular

Type of tracks

Type of energy


Parkplatz (1422 m)
Kirche (1424 m)

Raika (1420,6 m)
Seilbahn (1440,6 m)

1280 m
Max difference of levels

20,10 m
Maximum Gradient

5,35 %


11 m/s


1 train of 2 cabins

 Number of passengers



1500 pass./h

 Air cushion

3 fans / cabin


Waagner-Biro, Wien, AT

 Electronic equipment

Freissler-OTIS, Wien, AT

 Cabins making

 Swoboda, Oberweis, AT



Serfaus Dorfbahn

Dorfbahn Serfaus

Komperdellbahnen Serfaus GmbH
Dorfbahnstr. 75
A-6534 Serfaus
Tel. +43 (0)5476/6203

Introduction | Dorfbahnstrasse | The tunnel | The cabin | Technical | Menu

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