The funiculars of Genova

Liguria, Italy

Text and photos by Michel AZEMA ... September 1996
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Funicolare Zecca - Righi

The longest funicular of Genova links the center of the city at the Largo della Zecca to the different quarters located all along the slope of the Righi hill.
The main particularity is that half of the line is under a tunnel of 700 meters length. Except the lower and upper stations, the line has 5 other stops: Carbonara (the stop is under the tunnel), San Nicolo (just at the end of the tunnel) which is exactly in the center of the siding, Madonnetta, Via Preve and San Simone.
First built in 1901 the funicular Zecca - Righi was rebuilt in 1989 by AGUDIO.
Each cabin can transport 156 passengers and is composed of two half-cabins which can communicate. The cabins are linked by two cables: one tractor cable of 42 mm diameter and one cable of 24 mm diameter which regulate the stretching.
The speed is quite fast: 6 meters per second. The same system was installed in Orvieto for the rebuilt of the funicular.
San Nicolo stop.

The San Nicolo stop is located exactly between the two tracks of the siding. The passengers can access the piers of the station with a tunnel.
Note the large cabins (156 passengers each) composed of two half-cabins.

Zecca, the lower sation
Zecca, the lower sation.
Note the 24 mm cable for the stetching.

Detail of the cabin in the Righi upper station.

Righi, the upper station.

Strange building!... The engine is at the first floor. The station is at the second floor !!! Yes! The cabin arrives at the second floor and the open door is the exit. At the floor 2,5 is the control office. The same stair conducts also to three panoramic terraces where you have a splendid view to Genova and the harbor.

Type of funicular
Type of tracks
Lower stationLargo della Zecca (13m)
Upper stationRighi (292m)
Diff. of levels279 m
Length1428 m
Gradient (medium)19,91 %
Gradient (maxi)35 %
Speed6 m/s
Passengers per Cabin156
Year built1901
Year re-built1989
Diameter of tractor cable42 mm
Diameter of stretching cable24 mm
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