Budapest - Castle Hill Funicular (Hungary)

Photos Janos Ero Jr. ( April 1996


The Budapest Castle Hill with the Royal Castle and the Danube with the chain bridge.

Opened first: 2nd March 1870.
Designed by H. Wohlfahrt, Oe. Juraszek.
Length: 95m
Inclination: 48%
Since 1920 it is the Property of Budapest Commune, as its concession terminated.
In 1930 the number of passangers: 500 000.
Destroyed durind the second world war and reopened the 4th June 1986.

The bridges were present until 1900, but then they were abandoned due to the extending the Royal Castle's Garden. They were rebuilt after original plans in 1983.

Two general views. You can see the two parallel tracks and the two pedestrian bridges above the tracks.

Detail of one of the two cars. Despite its ancient looking it was built in the 80's, when the funicular was rebuilt. It was fully destroyed durind the second world war and it was questionned for long time if it will be rebuilt at all.

Recto/verso of a ticket (scale 1)

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