Mürrenbahn – Delivery of the cabin

Mürrenbahn – Livraison de la cabine du téléphérique

Photo Christian Iseli

November 14th, 2006. The cabin of the new Mürrenbahn aerial cable car was delivered and installed.
The Mürrenbahn aerial cable car replaces the late funicular Lauterbrünnen – Mürren which was definitively stopped on April 24 2006.
The aerial cable car was built by Garaventa. It was designed with only one cabin, built by Gangloff, which can transport 100 passengers.
590 passengers can be transported per hour.
It will take 4 minutes with the aerial cable car instead of 11 minutes with the old funicular.
Six tons of freight can be attached under the cabin.

The opening is planed on December 16th, 2006. 

Le 14 novembre 2006, la cabine du nouveau téléphérique Mürrenbahn a été livrée et installée. Le téléphérique Mürrenbahn remplace feu le funiculaire Lauterbrünnen – Mürren qui a été arrêté le 24 avril 2006.
Ce nouveau téléphérique, construit par Garaventa, comporte une seule cabine de 100 passagers construite par Gangloff.
Le trafic est prévu pour 590 personnes à l’heure pour une durée de 4 minutes comparée aux 11 minutes de l’ancien funiculaire.
Six tonnes de fret peuvent être attachée à la cabine.

La mise en service du nouveau funiculaire est prévue pour le 16 décembre 2006.

Lauterbrunnen bottom station. Photo Jungfraubahn

The Mürrenbahn uses the same site as the old funicular, same bottom station and same Grütschalp top station.
Grütschalp is the transfer station between the aerial cable car and the train Grütschalp – Mürren. The transshipment of the freight is provided by the same machine which was used for the transshipment between the funicular and the train.

Il est à noter que le Mürrenbahn reprend l’exact emplacement du funiculaire, même gare basse, même gare haute de Grütschalp. Justement à Grütschalp, station de correspondance avec le train à adhérence Grütschalp – Mürren, le transbordement du fret est assuré par la même machine qui servait au transbordement entre le funiculaire et le train.

The Machine! Photo Jungfraubahn

Fortunately, the Machine was preserved ! It is an extraordinary double pallet transshipment machine!
Precisely it is a self-propelled carriage which goes up and down on a large inclined rack railway track with a Strub rack and counterbalanced by two counterweights! The two counterweights are rolling on two inclined small railway tracks which are located below and between the large gauge railway… these counterweights are funicular counterweights! The same type of counterweights are used on the Saint-Louis Arzviller inclined boat lift in France.
The Machine is able to transship the pallet going uphill from the aerial cable car with the pallet going downhill from the train; this is done with only one two-way movement. It is a real masterpiece of mechanics and movements!

Il aurait été dommage de ne pas garder cette machine car il s’agit d’un extraordinaire double transbordeur de palettes !
Il s’agit en fait d’un chariot automoteur faisant de l’aller-retour sur une voie ferrée inclinée, à fort écartement, munie d’une crémaillère Strub et contrebalancée par deux contrepoids. Ces deux contrepoids roulent sur leurs propres rails entre les rails du chariot et sont de type funiculaires ! Même système que les contrepoids de l’ascenseur à bâteaux de Saint-Louis Arzviller en France.
La Machine est capable d’inter changer la palette montante du téléphérique avec la palette descendante du train et cela en un aller-retour… c'est est un véritable chef d’œuvre de mécanique et de mouvements! 

Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren – It’s over !

Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland), April 25, 2006.One of the most famous funiculars of Switzerland died last week end!
The Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren (BLM) was opened in 1891 and dismantled 115 years later due to the unstability of the ground which has been moving for several years!The funicular will be replaced by an aerial cable car on the same site as the present funicular. The top station will be the same Grütsch station.


Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren – C’est fini !

Lauterbrunnen (Suisse), 25 avril 2006.

Un des funiculaires les plus célèbres de Suisse est mort ce week end!
Le Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren (BLM) a été inauguré en 1891 et il vient d’être démantelé après 115 ans de bons et loyaux services à cause d’un terrain de plus en plus instable depuis des années!

Le funiculaire va être remplacé par un téléphérique qui reliera les mêmes stations de Lauterbrunnen à Grütsch.

The carriages are removed (Photo www.jungfraubahn.ch )

The beginning of the funicular (Collection Funimag )

Tragic accident at the Gelmerbahn !

Handegg, SwitzerlandA worker from KWO was killed on December 14th, 2005 at the Gelmerbahn !Some workers were transported by helicopter to the Gelmersee to do some works at the dam. At the end of their work the weather was too bad to transport back the workers by helicopter again. So they decided to go down the valley by using the steps which are on the side of the Gelmerbahn funicular.
I must remind that the Gelmerbahn is the steepest funicular of Switzerland : 106 % !
At the end of the steepest section, one worker slept on an icy step and fell about 6-8 meters ! There is a litte bridge which he fell over on some rocks.
The worker was killed!

The Gelmerbahn is not in use in winter and there was also snow on the track. So they could not use the funicular.

The Gelmerbahn in summer.

Beatenberg – The start of the new funicular

Beatenberg, canton of Bern, Switzerland. Saturday July 2, 2005. The Thunersee Beatenberg Bahn is in use again. It was stopped since October 25th, 2004 and has been completly rebuilt. The two new cars are named "Niederhorn" and "Beatenberg". (Photo Dora Schmid-Zürcher)

Beatenberg – The first car delivered… and crashed !

Beatenberg, canton of Bern, Switzerland.Thursday May 12, 2005 the first car “Niederhorn” was delivered by Gangloff and installed on the rails.
Unfortunately, a mistake was made during the installation of the car on the rails… the car run down six meters and hit the bottom platform !
The car was damaged, and was taken away again back to Gangloff in Bern to be repaired.The opening day is still planned for June 25 but might well be postponed!

(Photo Dora Schmid-Zürcher)