New funicular at St. Regis Resort, Park City (Utah)

Actually Doppelmayr is building a new funicular for the St. Regis Resort at Park City (Utah, USA).

It will link the Snow Park building to the upper Deer Crest building.

The new private funicular is built by Doppelmayr.
It is composed of two parallel tracks with a length of 152 meters.
The two cars, built by Gangloff, will contain 15 persons each.
The first tests will start on next December but the opening will be at the opening of the St. Regis Resort… spring 2009.

St. Regis Resort web site


A – Snow Park building
B – Deer Crest building
C – St. Regis Funicular

5 thoughts on “New funicular at St. Regis Resort, Park City (Utah)”

  1. I found a video on youtube! It has the St.regis funicular going up and down. It’s open!

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